The Quest by Leen Ritmeyer

“Helpful, beautiful, and thorough – what more could you ask for? I give this book the highest possible recommendation.”

Check out Jimmy Reagan’s review of The Quest by Leen Ritmeyer:

The Reagan Review

book quest temple

This book is without doubt the preeminent resource on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem available today. Whether you desire the historical or archaeological perspective, this is your book. This book’s success likely springs from the fact that no one but Leen Ritmeyer could have authored it. Both from his long years of working in this field and his work as the architect of the Temple Mount excavations, as well as his other work on the Temple Mount itself, demands that Ritmeyer produce this extraordinary resource.

This book is filled with pictures from the earliest scholarly explorations of Jerusalem, other helpful pictures on a range of issues, extraordinary reconstructions, and the wonderful, accurate Carta maps. It’s hard for me to effectively portray the visual treat the reader will have in this book. The text is the equal of the visuals and gives the most up-to-date, scholarly, detailed information that can be…

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Conquer the Empty Nest with these 10 Quick Tips

After Empty Nest, What's Next? Parenting Adult Children without Losing Your Mind, readers asked author Michele Howe for more—covering topics not discussed in the first book, along with questions at the end of each chapter for personal or group discussions. With Preparing, Adjusting, and Loving the Empty Nest, Howe provides expanded practical tips and spiritual … Continue reading Conquer the Empty Nest with these 10 Quick Tips

Academic Books Roundup: Our Top 5 Picks for Biblical Studies Classes PLUS a Bonus Look at Your Next Favorite Hebrew-Greek Bible

While summer is in full swing, we know it won’t be long before classes start again and it’s back to the books (if you ever even left them). What volumes will be your companions this coming school year? Below is a brief list of our top picks for Bible Reference and Biblical Languages. What are … Continue reading Academic Books Roundup: Our Top 5 Picks for Biblical Studies Classes PLUS a Bonus Look at Your Next Favorite Hebrew-Greek Bible

Review: Ethics at Work

Read about the Theology of Work Project’s newest release Ethics at Work in this review by Bob Trube:

Bob on Books

ethics at work

Ethics at WorkTheology of Work Project. Peabody, MA: Hendrickson Publishers, 2017.

Summary: A discussion guide outlining a Christian approach to ethical decision-making in the workplace based on three principles: commands, consequences, and character.

What does Sunday morning have to do with 8 to 5 Monday through Friday (or whatever our working hours may be)? For many Christians that lack of connection between our worship and our work eventually leads to questions either about the truth and reality of our faith, or the possibility of living Christianly in the workplace.

The Theology of Work Project, the developers of this discussion guide and numerous other related resources, are thoroughly committed to the idea that our faith and our work life may be seamlessly connected. On their “about” page, they describe the vision of the Project in these terms:

“The vision of the Theology of Work Project is…

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Christ Exalted Sermons of Jonathan Edwards–A Review

Read on to discover what Pastor Jimmy Reagan has to say about the Christ Exalted Sermons of Jonathan Edwards!

The Reagan Review

book edwards sermons

Hurrah for more Jonathan Edwards sermons! Hendrickson Publishers already graced us with Revival Sermons of Jonathan Edwards a few months ago and now they have unearthed some other jewels for us. I’m a pastor who believes in having a healthy dose of sermons in my library, and have could we have a real sermonic library without some Edwards?

There’s no doubt that his sermons are uniquely his own. I can’t think of anyone who would organize a sermon quite like he would. He sees no problem in being long. His style usually involves beginning with some doctrine on the subject and then branching out into pointed, applicable material to take the Scripture home to the hearer’s hearts. I wouldn’t recommend that any of us preach a sermon put together as his are, but his logical mind and scriptural acumen are helpful to us all. Read him more for personal…

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9 Tips to Take Your Worship Services to the Next Level

What’s the best way for pastors and worship leaders to plan services? Do you ever feel like your church services are down in a rut? Are you doing everything you can to imbue your services with the Holy Spirit, but feel they're falling flat? Perhaps you're just looking for a few wise words on how to … Continue reading 9 Tips to Take Your Worship Services to the Next Level

Revival Sermons of Jonathan Edwards–A Review

The Reagan Review

book edwards

Jonathan Edwards was an amazing man. Besides being impressive for his theological writings, he was one of the preachers God used mightily in the Great Awakening. Having read the book Jonathan Edwards on Revival in the past and being amazed by it, I was pleased to see this book that collects some of his most effective revival sermons of that time. In case you’re wondering, this book does include the famous “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”.

For those who are not that knowledgeable of Jonathan Edwards, this book provides a preface that gives a biographic overview of him. After that preface, you have seven of these great sermons. There are several things you will notice about the sermons. First, they’re long. Where it seems only fluffy sermons appeal to the masses in our generation, the Lord used deep, profound, scripturally-laden sermons in that day (I imagine that…

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Which Self Should We Be True To?

By Kevin Brown, author of Designed for Good Years ago, a prominent evangelical figure named Mark Pierpont was working vigorously to promote a Biblical view of sexuality and to “cure” gay people of same-sex attraction. But Pierpont had a problem. He was gay. In the 2007 documentary “Protagonist”—Pierpont openly discusses the dissonance he experienced between … Continue reading Which Self Should We Be True To?

Hendrickson’s Ministry Essentials Bible Review – Rating: 9.2

Check out Michael Harshman’s extremely detailed review of the Ministry Essentials Bible in the below review!

The Christian Reviewer

Hendrickson's NIV MInistry Essentials BibleI  was very pleased to do my second review for Hendrickson as I received a copy of their New International Version Ministry Essentials Bible.  This one was a very pleasant surprise  and serves a specific need that many people have that are in different roles in ministry and Christian leadership.  I am very honored to do this review and I think this particular

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“A Heart Deeply Affected”: Musings on Jonathan Edwards, William Shakespeare, Tom Stoppard, and Edward Albee

By Patricia Anders, Editorial Director, Hendrickson Publishers I am bold in saying this, but I believe that no one is ever changed, either by doctrine, by hearing the Word, or by the preaching or teaching of another, unless the affections are moved by these things. No one ever seeks salvation, no one ever cries for … Continue reading “A Heart Deeply Affected”: Musings on Jonathan Edwards, William Shakespeare, Tom Stoppard, and Edward Albee